WORTHY ARTICLE | On Halloween by Jenna Pelias

Halloween, Worthy Books and Things

My Top 4 Favorite Quotes from this article On Halloween  by Jenna Pelias at TroubleFace Mom: 1.)  “This is the only night of the entire year that most of your neighbors and mine are going to come knocking on our doors. The only night. And what is the typical Christian response to this? 1. To go … Continue reading

Thanks, Mom! Encouragement for Homeschooling Moms

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© Una-Melina // Worthy Books & Things This post is dedicated to my self-taught, creative mother who totally rocked the 31st Proverb!  She taught us how to cook, clean, care for a family, shop frugally and show hospitality.  I learned that hugs and smiles, tears and laughter are part…

O Pioneers! A Personal History of Homeschooling

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I was one of the original ‘Pioneers’ of the home school movement back in 1983. My daring parents, former hippies, current musicians and artists, saved by grace out of the miry clay had such a dramatic testimony of God’s goodness that churches often asked them to come and…

Just RELAX already! Relaxed Homeschooling, How We Began

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One day, a few years ago my daughter, then only eight or nine years old, asked me to sit down on the sofa so she could play spa and massage my feet. I’m sure I was busy, but how could I refuse such an offer from my sweet…

Let Freedom Ring!

Laundry and Liberty (parenting teens chores laundry)

This past month I made a declaration of independence for myself and for the members of my household. I have made it known to my children that from this point forward I will no longer be doing their laundry. I say children, but really they are teens, or more accurately known in our home as … Continue reading

WORTHY QUOTE | John Taylor Gatto: What is Education?

John Taylor Gatto Quote about Education

“Whatever an education is, it should make you a unique individual, not a conformist; it should furnish you with an original spirit with which to tackle the big challenges. It should allow you to find values which will be your road map through life; it should make you spiritually rich, a person who loves whatever … Continue reading

WORTHY VIDEO | Sir Ken Robinson: Building a Culture of Innovation

“Finding the Catalyst for the Education Revolution” Sir Ken Robinson at the 9th Annual AERO Conference It was my pleasure to discover



Each year I eagerly look forward to the “new” that comes with January.  And so this year I delight once again in making a list of my intentions, they are friendlier than resolutions and more agreeable to my nature.  And so with renewed inspiration, I am resolved to walk more freely into the greater grace … Continue reading

TOP 12 Posts of 2012

Maybe you are familiar with some of these already. Others may be new to you. What fun!  After reading through the list you might want to go check them out and discover what other readers just like you have already been enjoying!  I have provided links to each post.  Simply click on the title that interests … Continue reading

WORTHY WEBSITE | for Living Books

One of the greatest resources we use in our homeschool is living books, also known as worthy books around here.  An excellent source we have found for obtaining quality children’s literature is Yesterday’s Classics and the Baldwin Project.  They offer a nice selection of worthy reading for multiple reading levels. Yesterday’s Classics  provides both printed … Continue reading

A Living Education Part 1: Any Questions?

Home Education

“So what is a living education?” “How do you know if your children are learning ‘what they are supposed to learn, when they are supposed to learn it’?” “What about testing?” “What about socialization?” These are all common questions.  Really the ultimate question is, “Are you sure you have the ability to put everything into … Continue reading

WORTHY ARTICLE | The Homeschool Diaries by Paul Elie

Great article from The Atlantic: The Homeschool Diaries   by Paul Elie In New York City, teaching your own kids can make the most practical sense. “Homeschooling happened to me this way:  The same winter I started teaching a graduate class one night a week, my family was..” [click to continue reading] And if you’re … Continue reading

Back to School: My Life-Long Love of Learning

Worthy Books and Things

I love this time of year when the leaves begin to flame and the weather changes to clear days and cool nights.  I even like the gray rainy days (for now at least) that give me an excuse to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea and just relax for a while.  Once again falling … Continue reading

WORTHY ARTICLE | A Living Education: Roam Schooling by Una-Melina & My Education in Home Schooling by Quinn Cummings

It is impossible to think of home education and not think of home.  However in this age of ready accessibility to information and instant communication that idea is being stretched to reach outside the little white house on the corner and beyond the classroom walls of the local school as well.  How many of us … Continue reading

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