POETRY | Summer Days of Childhood

Oh the happy days of summer

When no learning must take place

I am free to roam and ramble

At my own desired pace

I’ll watch the birds and butterflies

While fishing in the stream

I’ll listen to the boisterous buzzing of a band of bumblebees

Or a symphony of crickets serenade me in the eve

Oh the lazy days of summer

When life is not a race

I am free to roam and ramble

To my favorite happy place

I’ll eat a picnic supper

Of ice cream cool and sweet

I’ll watch the clouds make pictures

From my soft green grassy seat

Oh the lovely days of summer

When all my work’s been done

I am free to roam and ramble

Beneath the summer sun

© Una-Melina // Worthy Books & Things, 2011.

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  • An award-winning poet and freelance writer, Una-Melina is the creator and curator of Worthy Books & Things, an online community interested in Faith, Culture, Creativity & Family where she fearlessly blogs about her life, art, faith, family, and ministry.

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