Are You Home Schooling or Roam Schooling?

Part 5 of a 6 part Back-to-School series.

For the month of August we will be revisiting some of our most popular education and homeschool posts. Stay tuned!

You can read the first post in this series here: Just RELAX already! Relaxed Homeschooling, How We Began.


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It is impossible to think of home education and not think of home.  However in this age of ready accessibility to information and instant communication that idea is being stretched to reach outside the little white house on the corner and beyond the classroom walls of the local school as well.  How many of us as (home educating) parents have ever sent our children to formal music lessons outside the home or used CDs, DVDs or online classes?  I suspect many.

Here’s a quick list of just a few of the experiences my own children have enjoyed while learning at home, that were not directly ‘at home’.

Off the top of my head:  sports- how to play soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, swimming, trampoline, gymnastics; performing arts- how to dance (jazz, ballet), singing (solos, duets, with a choir and with a band, leading worship music at church), playing instruments: piano…

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