POETRY | To Be Free

Prophetic perplexity and probability
Constantly chasing me
Set me free

Poetic justification and frustration
Landscaped living and breathing
To be free

I’m hemmed in and stitched still
Prayerfully pleading
To be set free

Waxworks and wisdom
Conflicting within me
To be free

Lord lead me closer
Feeding my hunger
Fully free

Wisdom walking and speaking Spirit
Fasten to my faithfulness
To be free (indeed)

Chasing after chaff and chance (no longer)
Find me faithful and fruitful
And free

Prince of Peace perfect me
Apart from You to do nothing
Set free

With You to do all things
Through the strength of Your Spirit
To be free

As You have called me and chosen
To do Your will not my own (then)
I am free


© Una-Melina // Worthy Books & Things, 2006.

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  • An award-winning poet and freelance writer, Una-Melina is the creator and curator of Worthy Books & Things, an online community interested in Faith, Culture, Creativity & Family where she fearlessly blogs about her life, art, faith, family, and ministry.

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