Welcome to Worthy Books and Things!

Welcome to Worthy Books and Things!

I am glad you are here!  I hope you enjoy our time together.  I write and curate fresh content regularly, so be sure to come back soon to discover what new and interesting material has been added.  See that SUBSCRIBE button on the top right?  Click it to follow this blog and receive the latest news directly to your inbox and never miss a thing.

Wondering why we do what we do here at Worthy Books and Things?  Would you like to meet the author?  Looking for the most popular articles like: Summer, Sisters and 1979 featured on Weekend Reads and Freshly Pressed?  (Pssst… they are filed under: Popular Posts on the lower right.)  Interested in learning more about God’s Grace, good Books and the myriad other interesting Things we discuss here?  Then visit: Posts or CATEGORIES (top left) to see What I Write About and What I Recommend, or peruse the Archives or Past Posts at the bottom of this page. In the side bar to the right you will find the most recent posts conveniently listed for your immediate enjoyment.  Welcome, and happy reading!

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I look forward to our next visit, and the next, and the next

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2 Responses to “Welcome”
  1. I’m so glad I found you! It looks like we’ll be fast friends. :)

  2. My family, my friends, my world ... says:

    I so agree with you; I hate labels with a vengeance…..particularly the ones we are inclined to put on other people…

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